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Congratulation! You have just taken your first step down the road of being an ex-smoker!
    Smoking is a habit which can have deep physiological and psychological implications. First of all let us see why an individual smokes, what are the apparent and true reasons:

Apparent:                                                                                 True:

- To release stress                                                                   - Nicotine addiction
- To ease of anxiety                                                                 - Past bad experience or trauma
- To relax                                                                                   - Blood sugar level issues     
- To be in line with pears                                                        - Substance abuse
Smoking is both physical and mental, so we must change your physical reaction and mental attitude toward smoking if you want to quit.
In most cases can take as less as one Hypnotherapy session to quit smoking for good!

Here are a few of the 4000 chemicals found in a burning cigarette smoke:

Acetone - found in nail polish remover
Acetic Acid -  an ingredient in hair dye
Ammonia - a common household cleaner
Arsenic - used in rat poison
Benzene - found in rubber cement
Butane - used in lighter fluid
Cadmium - active component in battery acid
Carbon Monoxide - released in car exhaust fumes
Formaldehyde - embalming fluid
Hexamine - found in barbecue lighter fluid
Lead - used in batteries
Naphthalene - an ingredient in mothballs
Methanol - a main component in rocket fuel
Nicotine - used as insecticide
Tar - material for paving roads
Toluene - used to manufacture paint

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Beneficial changes within the body when you stop smoking:

Within 20 minutes of the last cigarette
The blood pressure adjusts to natural level, pulse rate adjusts to normal level, and the body temperature of the hands and feet increases to normal.
8 hours
The Carbon Monoxide level drops to normal, and the Oxygen level in the blood increases to normal.
24 Hours
Chance of heart attack is significantly decrease
48 Hours
Nerve endings start to re-grow, and the ability to smell and taste improves.
72 Hours
Bronchial tubes begin relaxing, and the lung capacity begins to increase.
2 weeks to 3 months
Circulation in the body improves, and lung function increases up to 30%.
1 to 9 months
Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decreases. Cilia are re-grown in the lungs increasing the ability to handle mucous and reduce infections.
5 years
Lung cancer death rate for average smoker decreases with 50%, and after 10 years to almost the rate of a person who never smoked.

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If you don`t feel like, resistance takes place.
Overcome resistance by giving Hypnotherapy a try, you will be amazed of the results!
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